Mobile shower, laundry and bathroom trailer project

Olympia is receiving an increased amount of homeless who are transitioning to the area from Seattle and Tacoma looking for assistance. Initial steps to mitigate the issues facing the homeless population increase focused on developing “sanctioned” homeless camps and tiny house compounds. These efforts assist only 25% of the homeless in Olympia. Helping with mental and physical hygiene for the remaining 75% of the homeless must be taken up by area agencies and organizations.

New initiatives and programs are needed to help reduce homelessness of the those not in the “sanctioned” camps. MEPHGCHRAMWA recognizes that to alleviate the risk of communicable diseases and the spread of hepatitis within the community additional Mobile Shower and Laundry Trailers are needed. The proposed action for this initiative involves purchasing a Shower Trailer and providing volunteers to manage the program and provide the services.

MEPHGCHRAMWA proposes to provide services to those within Olympia and those in the surrounding Thurston County who are not located in the “sanctioned” camps. Our programs to feed the homeless have provided us with the knowledge of the location of the underserved thus filling the gaps of left by the existing programs and organizations. Including the laundry services provides an overlooked need in reducing the spread of disease. The CDC has identified having limited opportunities to maintain personal hygiene and proper nutrition as increasing the risk the homeless face for contracting diseases. Showering is one step toward preventing disease but being able to wash clothing also reduces the risk of the spread of disease, especially if the clothes are shared by people.

Our objectives for this project include; decreasing the risk of spreading germs and communicable diseases, meeting the needs of homeless individuals and their hygiene, promoting a greater sense of responsibility to the community and restoring a sense of dignity in the homeless.

Total cost of the Trailer: $57,952 + 2800 S&H; we are seeking donations and grants to assist in purchasing this 23ft Mobile Shower, Laundry and Bathroom unit.

Our volunteers and members will be collecting donations from family, friends, businesses and applying for grants. You can donate by calling telephone 360-878-8984 or click this tab to do so online: -

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